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who we are.

The Collaboration of many disciplines, fueled by energy, and motivated by excitement; that’s what Architecture is. Given the necessary requirements, it is our duty to produce the best possible solution in a budgeted, timely fashion.

With over 20 years of practice, Goduco Design has produced countless examples to satisfy a spectrum of needs.  Whether it’s commercial or residential, our nationwide success proves just how each Project, and it’s solution, is unique.  Simply put, it cannot be duplicated.  Words alone don’t do our Projects justice, that’s why we encourage everyone to take a look in our profile, just to truly see how our solutions will answer your needs.

As a proud IIT alum, not only was I able to foster my architectural skills, I was able to practice the Mies Van Der Rohe theory; a theory which the world-renowned Architect applied into this personal projects.  Learning of Mies’ personal mantra, “GOD is in the Details”, I learned to apply this concept into my work.  Going to extreme lengths ensuring that every aspect, of every project I work on meets our customer’s needs is something I strive for.  At Goduco Design, we pride ourselves in applying Mies’ mantra for all our clients, creating a solution what will not only meet your needs, but also exceed every expectation you had.

what sets us a part?

Leadership.  Not only do we have a line of continuous communication with our clients, our leadership team ensures that a high level of attention to detail is maintained in every project.  This level of care results in efficient and quality work for you every time.

Becoming a part of the Goduco Design team is very selective.  Only those who share the same level of excitement and motivation for architecture are asked to come on board.  Rigorous levels of specialized training ensure that each team member truly believes in the Goduco Design process, and thus delivers you a consistent, and quality product.

While the architectural industry has replied upon “blue prints” since the industrial revolution, blue prints lack the ability to effectively communicate the true vision of a project.  Utilizing technology available to us, we are able to render 3D Visualizations that help bring your project to life long before nail meets 2×4.  Photo realistic renders, and walk throughs allow you a more efficient means of making your vision a reality.


Leadership Team

Luis GoducoPrincipal - Studio and Design Leader
As a PRINCIPAL of Goduco Design, I am firm believer that success is measured based on your performance. “Performance”, as I see it, is derived from discipline, focus, and most importantly, sheer determination. Every Great person in history can attribute their successes to staying true to their core values. As an individual, I truly believe in the mantra that “GOD is in The Details”. I stick to this mantra in all the projects that Goduco Design takes on because paying attention to detail is as important in a small renovation, as it is in developing subdivisions.

I am involved in every aspect of my organization to ensure the smooth daily operation, as well as to deliver all of our PROJECTS on time, all of the time – PERFORMANCE!

Michael GoducoProject Architect - Team Leader
As project architect of Goduco Design, I manage day-to-day operations. In addition to managing all operational strategy, I am also responsible for keeping Goduco Design on the cutting edge of Technology. In a time where technology is rapidly dynamic, I am at the forefront of implementing new and innovative technologies to continuously improve Goduco Design’s services. It is the little things that matter, that is why it is crucial I consider utilizing new technologies to answer the needs of our clients.
Anthony GoducoDirector of Marketing
Behind any successful company, therein lies a soul driven by the passion of its leader. As the Director of Marketing for Goduco Design, it is my duty to reveal to the world just how passionate we are. By driving brand awareness through the utilization of online marketing. I aim to show Goduco Design’s passion to potential clients trough the convenience of their own laptop or smartphone.